A Dash of Minnesotan and a Sprinkle of German

About September 5, 2012

My name is Sarah.  I have a wonderful husband and am a new mommy to a baby girl.  I grew up in Minnesota and have been living in Germany for several years now.  My German adventure all started with a school band and choir trip in 1997.  I was 15 at the time, had always wanted to travel here and now I have been in love with Germany (and Austria) for half of my life.  This led to an exchange program in college, student teaching in Germany, as well as being a teaching assistant on a sholarship.

I have German ancestors, so in a way I’ve come back to my family’s roots.

My goal with this blog I haven’t quite decided on yet.  It will have a lot to do with cooking and baking, but traveling and culture as well – which I also think I can mix these topics together and have a good entry, too.

Living so far from home, a person sometimes craves foods that can’t be found where they are.  I have come across this problem many times.  I have to find substitutes for things or a different way of making that what I want or that what I want to introduce others to.  I hope to help others with that problem by sharing my recipes which I have “germanized”.  I also want to show those of you reading from abroad foods which are typical for here (or from where we have traveled) by “americanizing” them, as well as showing you traditions.

I am sure once I find my way and get a start here, I will be updating this.  I hope I can keep this going and that it can be enjoyed.

P.S.  Please go easy on my grammar.  I’ve been living here for so long and speak German most of the day.  I need practice with my native language again!


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